Glass Shelves

Our Glass Shelves range is discrete, stylish & practical which make them first choice of architects, builders & designer. Floating Glass Shelf with or without lighting Or suspended cable display shelves. Easy to fit, this stylish, floating shelf is a great space saving addition to your home. Boasting fantastic invisible fixings, this gla...

Our Glass Shelves range is discrete, stylish & practical which make them first choice of architects, builders & designer. Floating Glass Shelf with or without lighting Or suspended cable display shelves. Easy to fit, this stylish, floating shelf is a great space saving addition to your home. Boasting fantastic invisible fixings, this glass shelf is ideal for decorative displays in all areas of the commercial and domestic premises. Floating Glass shelf available in 6MM 8MM 10MM 12MM thickness. We do shelves for all types of walls such as floating glass shelf for solid walls made of brick & wood, floating glass shelf, plaster board, floating glass shelf, all surface. We can provide shelf up to 3 meter long glass shelf in any depth. Heavy Duty Shelf with Discreet Aluminium Rail Bracket can take up to 20 KG split weight per meter if wall is strong enough. You can use up to 35CM deep (Sticking out from wall) glass with this bracket. Very easy to install. Aluminium bracket screwed in to the wall and slide the glass in to the aluminium bracket from front and tight the bottom screw to tighten the glass. Aluminium bracket is discreet and give you effect that glass platform is coming out from wall. Rail / Bracket profile size is Along the 32 MM X Sticking out of the wall 31MM..  Our popular shelves are steel cable display glass shelves, Sky Box glass shelf, Suspended glass Shelves, DVD Glass Shelf, cable suspended glass shelving, TV glass Shelf, Fireplace glass shelves, Wire Rope Glass shelves. Our shelves vastly used in Kitchen Bathroom bedroom pharmacy point of sales car show rooms etc.  FOR CUSTOM MADE SIZES AND COLURED GLASS PLEASE CALL.


Glass Shelves 


  • Cable Display Shelves

    Buy ready to use kit or make your own shelf display by choosing the required parts. For one column unit, you need 4 ceiling to floor fixings & 4 shelf supports per shelf. No more holes in the Glass. You can add and remove shelves in suspended shelf system without un screwing. Just slot in the cable and tighten the screw. This support even allows you to add a new shelf between two exiting shelves without removing or even disturbing the things on top and bottom shelves. INSTALLATION OF CEILING TP FLOOR CABLES. 1) Un tight ceiling part it will split in to 2 pieces. Similarly un tight floor part it will also split in to 2 pieces. 2) Screw Brass part in to the ceiling and tight 2nd part on it so brass would be hidden under the chrome cap. 3) Suspend cable from ceiling part & pass through from the cap of the bottom part. Cut the cable to size attach the cylinder at the end of the cable by tightening the cylinder screws. 4) Lastly screw the bottom part of floor fitting into the floor and top part tight in it. Spring inside the top part of floor fixing give tension to the cable and make the cable straight & tight. 5) Install 4 cables ceiling to floor to make column & attach 4 panel supports per shelf 2 on left cable & 2 on right cable. You can add as many as you like easy shelves on above and other with shelf clamps. For custom made glass or assistance please call on 07946655177 or 02079986911.

  • Floating Glass Shelf

    Floating Glass Shelf elegant product heavy duty can take weight up to 20KG per meter. Suitable for commercial use because we use professional grade toughened glass. Easy to install with almost invisible aluminium bracket with toughened polish around safety glass . Floating Glass Shelves Plaster board/all surface suitable for all types of walls plasterboard, brick, wood, drywall, solid wall. Aluminium Profile with 6MM, 8MM,10mm thick toughened polish around safety glass. we at picture hanging direct deal in sky box shelf, apple tv shelf, apple tv glass shelf, samsung tv shelf, lg tv glass shelf, computer glass shelf, dvd player glass shelf, xbox glass shelf, play station shelf, Play station shelves, Sony play station glass shelf, tv wall shelves, dish tv wall shelf, sony tv glass shelf. Please call us for custom solution & floating glass shelves.

  • Lighting Glass Shelf

    Lighting Glass Shelf with Toughened safety Glass & Aluminum bracket. Can hold up to 20 KG per meter if wall is strong. are you looking for "where I can buy glass shelf for sky box with LED light" then call us for custom solutions. we deal in floating glass shelves for tv with edge led lights, suspended kitchen shelves, Bar shelves, pub shelves, casino shelves, glass shelves for bars, glass shelves for bars to display bottles, bar tender shelves, restaurant bar shelves, live kitchen shelves, hotel glass shelves, display glass shelves, glass shelves with lighting,glass shelves with lights built in, floating glass shelves with led lights, illuminated box shelves,  illuminated shelf light and all kinds of floating glass shelves. we at picture hanging direct deal in illuminated kitchen glass shelves illuminated floating shelves lighted floating glass shelves glass shelf with led lighting inside led lighted floating shelves white floating shelves with lights floating glass shelves for sky box led lights for glass shelves floating glass tv shelves floating tv shelf unit

  • Bar Shelves

    Bar Shelves with strong aluminum bracket ensures maximum strength. Glass shelves easy to install with almost invisible aluminum bracket. we at picture hanging direct provide bar display shelves wall mounted liquor shelf home bar wall shelves bar wall shelves for liquor bar shelving liquor display liquor shelves for home bar bar display shelves uk floating bar shelves bar with glass shelves glass shelves for bar glass shelf bar bar display shelves led bar shelves bar shelf glass bar shelf bar with floating shelves glass bar shelves glass shelf for bar bar glass shelves with lights

  • Book Shelves

    Book Shelf specifically made to hold bigger weight objects so your books could stay safe on the shelf. book shelves easy to install and also provides strong hold so your valuables won't fall. 

  • Office Shelves

    Office Shelves with strong aluminium bracket ensures maximum strength. Glass specifically made for heavy duty and ensures that it won't shatter.

  • Suspended Glass Shelves

    Heavy Duty Suspended shelves designed to put very heavy weight. Per shelf capacity would be up to 40KG of split weight if wall is strong.  Work With all types of walls brick wall, dry wall, plaster board wall, wooden wall. This wall mounted shelving system is combination of toughened safety glass with steel wire or rope and brass supports. In case of suspending shelves one above other you can choose the distance between two shelves. We provide 2 Meter long cable for each side which you can cut to size. Longer cables can be provided on request. You can suspend front cables from wall or ceiling according to your requirement. You can use this system to display products on the walls of shops, boutiques, retail stores, outlets.

    Ideal for cable box, VCR, DVR, DVD, video game consoles, Xbox1, routers, speakers, Sonos devices. Best solution to display heavy speakers. AV Receiver, Component, satellite box, Playstation4, Blu, Blue Ray Player. Also used commercially to display projector on the wall if you use multi shelf system then you can put laptop under the projector to attach together.

    Our glass books shelving system can be a good modern addition to your house. It’s a very good replacement of old style Bookcases or bookshelves. Our floating bookshelf design is smart, elegant & less expensive. Reorganize your living room with modern glass book shelves or glass bookcases. Very practical design side cables stop your books from falling left or right. 

    Make your office clean and organized with our suspended glass office shelving system. It’s an essential part of modern offices where designers don’t like to use old style MDF shelf units or T-Slot Shelving, Industrial Shelving. Left & right cables keep your files safe from falling left & right.

    Easy to Install

    1. Screw wall mounted shelf supports in to the wall at required level.

    2. Attach shelf support to the front corners of glass shelf.

    3. Un tight the cable fitting it will split in to 2 pieces. Screw brass part in to the wall 6 inches above the first shelf or where ever is convenient for you if you cannot screw 6 inches above. You can screw this in to the ceiling with screw. Tight chrome part on brass part & suspend cable. You can cut the cable to size.

    4. Slide in the glass shelf to wall mounted shelf supports & tighten the bottom screws.

    5. Lastly pass through the cable from the slot of cable shelf support which already attached to the front corners of glass shelf. Tighten the grub screws & cut the extra cable if installing only one shelf.

  • GLASS Shelf Brackets

    High quality glass brackets made with aluminium & brass in various colors and sizes. Floating Glass Shelf Brackets gives you trusted hold of the glass . we at picture hanging direct provide decorative shelf brackets suspended shelf brackets glass floating shelf brackets floating glass shelf brackets shelf hanging brackets glass brackets suspended shelf brackets glass floating shelf brackets glass floating shelf brackets glass shelves brackets glass shelf brackets uk shelf brackets brackets for glass shelves heavy duty mirror brackets picture hanging brackets right angle brackets heavy duty brackets for glass shelves uk wall mounting brackets for glass shelves

  • Audio Video Glass Shelves

    Floating Audio Video Glass Shelves elegant designs with an almost invisible bracket or with cable displays fitting. Heavy duty comes with toughened polish around the glass with split load capacity up to 20KG. Our floating very smart design which allows passing through the cables from the back of sky box & DVD player instead of dropping cable from the side of the shelf which does not look neat.  Our suspended cable display design is very heavy duty each shelf can hold up to 20KG if wall is strong. We can also provide custom size glass please call Habib on 02079986911 OR 07946655177 for details.

  • Fireplace Glass Shelf

    Elegant glass shelf to put above the fire place & under the TV. Smart and easy to install. Floating fireplace glass shelf available in different sizes and colours. You can use up to 30CM deep glass shelf weight capacity is 10 KG spit weight per meter which can increase if you use less deep glass for example weight capacity of 100X15 CM glass shelf on brick wall is 15KG. For custom sizes & custom colour bracket/glass please Call on 02079986911.

  • Coloured Glass Shelves

    Coloured Glass Shelves can hold up to 20kg per meter, suitable for commercial and home use. Made out of professional grade toughened glass with almost invisible aluminium bracket. Shelves are suited for any type of wall and can hold 6MM, 8MM and 10 MM thick glass.

  • Temporary Glass Shelves

    Temporary Glass Shelves perfect for always changing art or business environments. These Kits lets you skip the hassle with screwing and unscrewing glass shelves, With these kits, you just need to clip it on the clip rail, or any panel using screen hooks. Glass Shelves can be hanged one above other if needed. Glass Shelves support up to 20KG