12MM Lighting Glass Shelves

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For Custom made size and coloured glass please call on 02079986911 OR 07946655177.

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Lighting Glass Shelf  with Toughened safety Glass & Aluminium bracket. Can hold up to 20 KG per meter if wall is strong. You can increase the load capacity to 50 KG per meter by adding side supporting steel cables.

12mm thick Glass Lighting shelves are very easy to install just follow the following steps

1) Screw aluminium bracket into the wall with screws & plugs. ( We supply ordinary brick wall screws & plugs but you can buy locally new screw & plugs according to your type of wall because of this shelf work with all types of walls)

2) Stick the LED strip into the edge of the plastic insert.

3) Attach the plastic strip & LED light to the edge of the glass shelf.

4) Push everything together into the aluminium bracket & take out LED strip electric wire from one end of the aluminium bracket left or right according to your choice. The electric cable you can take out from any end of the bracket by turning glass around as required.

5) Tighten the bottom grub screws of the aluminium bracket to tighten the glass inside the aluminium bracket.

6) Lastly, plug in the led strip light plug into the main socket & start using. You can also remove the plug if you like to attach the light to the on & off switch.

Each lighting kit comes with an LED driver & 4-meter long electric wire. 2-meter wire from glass shelf to LED driver & 2 Meter electric wire from LED driver to plug. You can increase or decrease the cable length according to your requirements or you can ask us about required cable length.

We supply a very small LED driver which you can hide easily. If you are putting shelves one above the other then you can use only one driver for all 5 shelves.


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12MM Lighting Glass Shelves

12MM Lighting Glass Shelves

For Custom made size and coloured glass please call on 02079986911 OR 07946655177.